Telling your story

Why do others not grasp the importance of the work you do, when it seems so obvious to you?! Potential funders, participants, and other partners often miss why your work matters, because you haven’t shared it yet in a way that will touch and inspire them.

True Story Training can help your organization’s leaders, staff, and volunteers more effectively share the power of what you do for your community.

Participants practice these keys:

  • Identifying the audience’s needs
  • Connecting their story to the listeners’ experience
  • Adding authentic emotional depth
  • Making a clear invitation

Could it benefit your organization to enable more leaders of your organization to increase their ability to tell your story?

We work with a wide range of organizations, including universities, businesses, community-based organizations. Here are a few examples of groups we’ve worked with and how we were able to help.

Schools and universities

  • Lesley University, training alumni to be stronger ambassadors, telling their stories to draw in new students.
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, training incoming first-generation college students to take pride in their backgrounds and take on their challenges

Business and community leaders

  • Managers in an SEG investment management company to better articulate the story of what they do and their impact.
  • The director of a public charity who won a grant award, helping her prepare to give a dynamic public speech about the work of her organization.