True Story Training

Gain new tools

When facing challenges–

getting turned upside down by change

in your organization, community, and the world–

call upon True Story Training to bring joy and learning.

Our facilitators can help your group members to:

  • Gain understanding and empathy across differences
  • Skillfully stand up for what they believe
  • Become inspired by new perspectives and creative ideas
  • Release stress in the face of challenging times
  • Build collaborative flow

True Story Training’s mission is to promote social justice through building empathy, respect, and understanding in organizations through increased listening, awareness, and the honoring of true life stories.

Your needs and goals guide us. We tailor our offerings to support the organizations, communities, and leaders that invite our collaborative support.

Choose among:

Bring our facilitators to:

  • An in-service training
  • A strategic planning meeting
  • A retreat